Summer Fun

Summer and pool cleaning went hand in hand for Puck. Babes, bikinis, and beers pretty much summarized his whole business. It was a great fucking operation. Was being the key word. Now with a girlfriend (or a girl he hooked up with regularly, whatever) riding his ass about making his business legit, his client list was taking a big fucking hit. (So he made most of his money by doing lonely MILF’s and cougars, that wasn’t a crime.) He didn’t have a problem, like, not fucking random chicks, but he thought that, at least, if he wasn’t gonna fuck around with other girls and be faithful, she could let him be with her in public and not be her dirty little secret.

Her, being Rachel Berry. She hadn’t gotten any less crazy now that he was giving it to her good on the regular. If anything, she was more insane now than she was before. (Yeah, that was possible.) Seriously. They weren’t dating but he wasn’t allowed to sleep with other girls? What kind of fucking arrangement was that? A stupid one, if you asked him. He’d been trying to put her on lock since she and Finn broke up after the Sectionals disaster last year, and Puck was fucking determined to make her his, officially, by the time they started their Senior year. Or the end of the day. Same difference. He was tired of their stupid game. He’d just fuck her into being with him.

So, no, he wasn’t sleeping around and he definitely wasn’t doing anything more than cleaning pools this summer. Obviously, this left a huge gap in his clientele. What he wasn’t expecting, though, was to gain some new ones. For people that were notoriously clean the Berry’s pool always seemed to be on his to-do list. (Okay, it was more like their daughter, but they were both at the same place.) He pulled his pickup truck into the driveway and made a show of banging his equipment around in the back of his truck when he got it out so Rachel, who he was sure was lounging out by the pool (hopefully topless or naked) would know he was there. Dressed in cargo shorts and a wife beater, Puck was ready for work. “Berry, where’s my beer?” 

Touch of My Hand


His request for her to come with him was one she would happily oblige to. Rachel wasn’t certain if she had even stopped her first orgasm, so this second one was building quickly (unless it was merely a continuation of the first and it hadn’t died down yet). Either way, she could feel his cock sliding in and out, her pelvic bone hitting just the right spot to make her see stars. By the time he told her again, her body was already letting go, a rush of wetness leaving her as her walls squeezed around his cock again. She cried out his name as her back arched, almost as if her body wanted to snap in two. It was an intense orgasm, something she really needed after the stressful day, and it was definitely going to take more than a minute to recover from this one.

Rachel felt him come with her (or maybe she thought she did; at that moment, she barely would even recognize her own name) and knew that there would be a mess to clean up later. Right now, all she wanted to do was have one of those post-sex cuddles that she knew he loved (no matter how much he denied it). “So good,” she murmured as she felt him pull out only to pull her closer, her head resting on his sweaty chest. “I don’t know why I didn’t call you over in the first place.” She did know why – schoolwork and tons of it – but right now, all she wanted was him. He had relaxed her way better than a few orgasms with her toy would have and right now she felt sated and calm. Anyone who said sex didn’t fix everything was a liar.

Looking over at the clock, she saw that they had wasted (not really, but from an academic standpoint they had) a good amount of time with his assisted fucking. Which meant that her evening was shot. “You ruined my studying and work time,” she told him with mock-seriousness. “You should make it up to me by staying.” It wouldn’t be the first time that he had stayed – unknowingly to both their parents – and she would really like it if tonight added another tally to that list. “I might even wake you up in an extra special way,” she murmured, her lips ghosting over the skin of his jaw before she pressed a kiss to his pulse point. “Your choice.”

“Oh, really?” he asked, brow raised. “Can’t turn that down, can I?” Puck was in no position to turn Rachel down, especially not when she was naked and pressed up against him. That was his favorite way to have her. “How special are we talking?” Not that he needed the extra incentive, but the promise of a blowjob or something went a long way with him. He didn’t care at all about studying and homework, but he did care about being with his girlfriend and since when did he ever deny her anything she wanted? He didn’t.

So, yeah, he was staying the night. It wasn’t a big deal, he’d done it before and had the routine memorized. He also had some clothes stashed at Rachel’s (thanks to her stealing them whenever she was at his house) and his truck was parked far away enough for him not to get caught. Rachel woke up super fucking early anyways, earlier than her dads, so even if he hadn’t, he’d be gone before they ever got a chance to notice he was there. “I’ll stay,” he mumbled against her mouth. Did she honestly think he wasn’t? He was pretty sure she already knew the answer to her question without having to ask him.

Besides, why the hell would he want to leave? He had a happy, naked Rachel in bed with him. He’d be an idiot if he left. “S’not like you were doing fucking Algebra when I walked in, babe. Pretty sure you were ruining it on your own.” Puck smirked at Rachel and pulled her fully on top of him. His hands circled her waist and held her in place. “I do expect a call or a text or something next time you’re studying, though.” He winked up at her and kissed her again. (This was prime teasing material and he couldn’t, nor did he want to, forget it anytime soon.) He yawned and ran his hands up and down her bare back, her skin smooth under his fingers. “Go to sleep, babe. I’ll be here in the morning.”

Touch of My Hand


At the moment, Rachel barely even felt as Puck moved up the bed to be closer to her. All she could focus on was the vibrations resounding her pussy, how he was pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm. When he picked up her leg, opening her up wider, she thought it was courteous. He was just helping her out in reaching that peak sooner. Same with the way his mouth found her breast, lips wrapping around a nipple just like she liked. “Noah,” she breathed out, her back arching more into his sinful mouth. It was all she could manage to get out before her walls began to clamp down on the toy. She was too into feeling her orgasm course through her body that she barely even noticed when he slipped the vibrator out, taking its place instead. Well, she noticed that last one pretty well.

Instead of squeezing the toy, she was now squeezing his dick, the difference astounding. Not to stroke his ego, but he was thick, more so than the piece of plastic that was now forgotten now that she had the real thing. It was hard for her orgasm to pass fully because he had already started a pace, his hips snapping into her own. “Oh my God,” she moaned, heading fall back on the pillow. There was something so different about this and she had a sneaking suspicion it all had to do with the toy. She had never been fucked immediately after using that and the sensitivity brought on was totally different. But she couldn’t say that she hated it. In fact, she wanted more, more of him and, being her boyfriend, he was obligated to comply.

But right now, she was craving something that he hadn’t given her since he stumbled into her window almost thirty minutes ago, “C’mere,” she said, reaching out to him, her hand coming to the back of his neck as he bent to her request. She pulled his lips down to hers as her legs wrapped around his waist, hips rising to meet his thrusts. Her tongue found its way into his mouth as he thrust into her body, his mouth swallowing her moans. Her hands came out to grip his arms, short nails digging into the flesh as she whimpered. Really, why had they not experimented with this before? (She knew the answer: her own insecurities) He managed to reach the spot that never failed to make her scream, something not even the toy could do. Definite reason why her boyfriend will always be the better fuck (besides the being human part).

He obliged, leaning forward when Rachel’s hand pushed on the back of his head. He’d never not wanna kiss his girl and it never got old to him, no matter how many times he’d done it. Plus, she was a great fucking kisser and always knew how to drive him insane with just a kiss. And that hadn’t happened since he was in elementary school and started popping random boners whenever a short skirt passed by him. Rachel was just amazing with her mouth in general, if he were being honest. (Her kisses were nothing compared to her blowjobs, though.) Biting down on her bottom lip, Puck mimicked Rachel’s nails digging into his biceps. It was a good kinda hurt, getting Rachel to that point.

He loved that his girlfriend wasn’t ever shy about what she liked and what she wanted. It took a bit of work at first, but now? Rachel was almost as into sex as he was and he’d be damned if he let somebody else reap those benefits. Rachel met him thrust for thrust, the head of his cock hitting the spongy spot inside her. Getting her to come a second time would be no problem. (She was still clenching from her first orgasm but Puck knew from the way he was pounding into her that her second one would pretty much be in succession to it.) He held her right leg with his left arm, his right arm snaking down her body to reach her clit. He pinched her nub between his fingers, smirking when she let out a moan that was probably reserved for porn stars. (How fucking awesome was it that he could get Rachel Berry like that?)

He wasn’t holding back himself, either. He wasn’t anywhere near as loud as Rachel (who was?) but his own grunts were thrown into the mix of noises reverberating around her room. Soundproofing her room was definitely the best decision her dads had made for their daughter. And it totally made his sex life even better. Because right now? Neither of them were bothering to act like this wasn’t the hottest thing they’d done in a while. “Babe,” he groaned, “come with me,” he instructed. He was desperate to come (Rachel had already gotten off, okay? That shit was unbelievably hot) and was intent on Rachel coming with him. He’d never not made her come first. He was generous like that. Angling his hips just right, he made it so his pelvic bone brushed against hers, giving her clit extra attention. He was giving it to her good, he knew. “Come,” Puck ordered.

Touch of My Hand


At his question regarding jealousy, she let out a hum. “You get really sexy.” Rachel never let anything get out of proportion, but a well-placed comment here and there would always unleash something within him, which would always make things better for her. So he probably wouldn’t get that kind of sexy tonight since he seemed to know what she was trying to do, but that didn’t mean he would stop altogether. By the time the tip of the toy reached her entrance, she was dying to insert it. The buildup had been nice and slow, but she was finally done with her own teasing. Her body had relaxed altogether now that she had been worked back up, the fact that she was doing this in front of him no longer a problem. The only thing that mattered now was her – well, now their - orgasm and getting there eventually.

Her vibrator slipped inside easily. Rachel was already wet after the teasing plus seeing him right there in front of her. She let out another moan as she began to work the toy inside, one of her legs moving up to give her more room to work with. His requests for her to keep going were useless since there was no way that she was going to stop. Unless he decided he wanted to be the one inside of her. Who was she deny her boyfriend what he wanted when it came to sex? But, as of right now, he was more than content with watching. There was something quite sexy about doing this in front of him, once she got over her embarrassment. She had always been a bit self-conscious if he ever mentioned those videos he watched, but now, she was like those girls. Granted there wasn’t a video camera on her - as it should - but she was performing for him. She had a feeling this was something that was going to stay in his mind for a long time.

The pace she had set when dealing with her clit did not stay the same. She would insert the toy as deep as it could go, her thighs quivering as she felt the vibrations deep within her pussy, only to take it out, mimicking the deep thrusts he often gave her. “This feels so good,” she moaned out, looking over at him. His hand on his cock was moving fast and she wondered how he always managed to last long enough to get her to come. He was always a courteous lover. Feeling the need to touch him in some way, Rachel nudged his thigh with her foot, giving him a flirtatious smile. “Just so you know,” she started as she brought the toy back up to her clit. It was a bit hard to think when she was fucking herself with it. “This has nothing on you.” She loved his cock way more than a simple plastic toy. But, she had to admit that it did feel good as she reentered it inside herself, setting the pace once again.

That was good to know, but it wasn’t like he doubted his abilities anyways. (He knew he was a total stud, plain and fucking simple.) He was taking notes, though. He knew Rachel’s body like the back of his hand, but shit, this was Rachel touching herself and doing exactly what she pleased to her body instead of him doing it. It’d be stupid of him not to pay attention and adjust his game a little bit. (He liked pleasing his girl, okay.) What he concluded was that her vibrator, in fact, had nothing on him. (Okay, his dick didn’t vibrate on its own or anything, but he knew what she liked and what spots to hit and where, when and how to touch her.) It was still hot to see her fuck herself with it so he had no issues with enjoying the rest of her show.

He was all about watching Rachel. (He was sure she loved that.) Puck was stroking his cock right along with her, but he wasn’t anywhere near being ready to come. He was saving that for later when he was inside her. Mostly, he was masturbating with her for her comfort since she seemed so uncomfortable at first and he was a nice guy like that. But, Rachel. That was all he gave a shit about. She had his full attention. Her moans, groans, the way her leg shook when the vibrator was fully pressed inside her, the arch of her back when she found a spot she liked, how the toy was fucking coated in her wetness. He’d never got to see her this way when he was the one fucking her. (Why had he not asked her to do this with him sooner?) He liked what he saw. Every little nuance was out in the open. And maybe he was a little closer than he thought.

But who could blame him? Any dude with a dick would’ve been about to bust a nut if they had what was right in front of him. (He was lucky motherfucker.) He knew she was close. Puck had that look memorized down to a science. She held the toy inside of herself longer, her moans were drew out, and her hips were rolling like she was riding his dick like the champion show horse it was. Yeah, she was ready to come. So he decided help her. He crawled up the bed and lay down beside her, reaching for one of her legs and pulling it open wider so the toy could go deeper. Turning his head, mouth met breast and he sucked the flesh into his mouth, giving her the beginning of a nice hickey. Right when her mouth flew open (he knew that was moment she starting coming) he took the vibrator from her hand and replaced his dick (the better one, obviously) with the fake one.

Touch of My Hand


His request was preposterous. If she froze up just from him catching her off guard, there was no way that she was actually going to intentionally use this in front of him. And she was intent on telling him point, which would hopefully make him see her point of view and he’d leave (or at least let her finish in private). Any argument she had died on her lips the moment his own touched her collarbone. Talk about playing dirty. “Noah.” It was supposed to come out like a warning but was too much like a moan to be one. The feeling of his fingers on her thigh, touching her but not touching her sealed the deal. Damn her boyfriend and his powers of sexual persuasion.

With his direction, her hand was back between her legs, vibrator pressing lightly on her clit. And just like earlier, she knew that she wasn’t going to be in a rush to achieve an orgasm. If she was going to do this in front of him, she was going to do it right. Especially if it meant that he’d be doing the same in return. Her arousal was quickly covering her previous embarrassment and she saw this as another chapter in their sexual adventures. Mutual masturbation; it sounded odd before, something she never thought she’d do. But as she saw him strip, sitting on her bed with nothing on, his cock already half-hard, she thought it could be something that she could get used to.

Deciding to give him a better view, she let her legs fall open completely, her pussy open to his eyes. Soon she’d tease herself with the toy, but not just yet. “How do you know that I was thinking of you? I could have been thinking of someone else entirely.” Of course that wasn’t true, but she had to admit that seeing him jealous in any capacity was pretty darn sexy. The way his nostrils would flare, jaw clench, eyes get that dark look… She could get off with just that look and that possessiveness alone. Licking her lips, she pressed the toy firmer against her clit, letting out a soft moan. Just watching as he stroked himself in front of her was like replaying every sexual memory they had ever made, but better. He was right in front of her and should she ask, she knew he would be on and in her in a heartbeat. Her fantasies just didn’t have that capability (or realism).

“One, you already told me you were thinking about me. Two, ‘cause nobody touches you like I do. But you kinda like it when I’m jealous, don’t you?” Yeah, he was onto her little game about that. He’d known for a while that sometimes she did stuff with the purpose of riling him up. It always worked, but seriously, if she wanted it rough, she could ask and he’d give it to her. That was just about the last thing on his mind, though. Not giving it to her rough (he definitely still wanted to do that) but anything else not concerning that. Or his girlfriend. He loved that he could get her to touch herself in front of him like she was. Not only did it show that he was a complete fucking stud (hell, yeah) but it was hot as hell.

She was wet, obviously. He wanted to reach out and touch her but the toy between her legs was taking care of that. Later. He had all night. Lazily, he stroked his cock. Rachel didn’t seem to be in any kind of rush to get herself off so Puck matched her attitude. “Babe,” he mumbled, “so hot.” So far, all she was doing was rubbing her clit and working herself up. He took note of the fact that she did it for longer than he usually did. But, he figured, he was better than any fucking vibrator. Even if he wanted to see her using it. His eyes were glued to her pussy, pink and glistening, with her clit, stiff and begging for more attention.

He wanted to give it to her, but he’d asked to see her touch herself and now he got it. She was better than any porn he’d watched. (And he had watched a lot.) Thank fucking god she had her room soundproofed. (Rachel wasn’t quiet about anything. Sex included.) His hand sped up on his cock as he watched the vibrator dip lower and lower until it was resting at her entrance. The part of it touching her was wet, he could see it from here, and there something insanely fucking hot to see that. He’d love to fuck her with it some other time. “Put it in,” he instructed. The pre-cum streaming from the head of his cock allowed his hand to glide easily up and down his length, Rachel’s show producing more. “Keep going, baby,” Puck pleaded, stare directed straight at her pussy.

Touch of My Hand


The vibrations of the toy felt good, Rachel in no rush to come. With her eyes shut, she envisioned many things (that included Puck) as she slowly worked her way towards an orgasm. So into things, she didn’t hear the window open, nor when a foot landed on the carpet. It was the voice that knocked her out of her peaceful reverie, the voice of the same boy who she was just imagining. It should have been like a fantasy come true - thinking of the man only to have him come in through the window, ready to take her and get rid of the toy she was currently using. Yet, she didn’t get that feeling. Instead she was mortified, quickly dropping the toy between her legs, the buzzing still able to be heard against the bedding as she scrambled to pull the blankets up and over her body. It was a silly thing to do considering how many times he had seen her naked, but she felt like covering up after being exposed.

What are you doing here?” She hissed out, wracking her brain to try and remember if she had called him. It always took a minute or two for her to get back on track after doing anything sexual. When she realized that she hadn’t, that he probably came on his own, she felt even worse. Even though the two were no at all shy with one another, this was the first time she had even been caught doing something without him. He was always the one to initiate things - or she would too, but he’d be around. She had never talked to him about masturbation, though he wasn’t discreet about what he did when he was alone and thinking of her. It was embarrassing to be found out this way, in the act, and all she wanted to do was sink into her mattress and disappear.

When he approached her bed, he had that dark look in his eyes that was a surefire way to tell that he was aroused. It looked like her chances of getting him to forget about this were slim to none. “As much as I appreciate you coming over tonight because I was thinking of you,” wrong choice of words considering what she had been doing, “I don’t think it’s a good idea that you’re here.” Lies. It was all lies. But she felt like she needed him to leave to get over this. Though there was a high chance her cheeks would flush for the next week anytime she remembered this. And a part of her wanted him to go so she could finish. Like an audial reminder, the buzz seemed louder than it was, still on between her legs, though it was nowhere near where she wanted it.

“Don’t think so.” Puck knew his girlfriend was borderline insane most of the time, but he didn’t know she was fucking delusional, too. Did she honestly think he was just gonna up and leave? There wasn’t a chance in hell that was happening. Hello, it took some fucking work to get into her room. He didn’t do that shit for free. “Baby, what’s the big deal? I rub one out all the time. S’natural.” The way she was acting kinda threw him off – he’d seen her naked plenty of times and did plenty of things to said naked body. Seeing her touch herself? Not a big deal. Not to him, at least. And he wasn’t cool with how uncomfortable Rachel was right now. Not even a little bit. He stalked over to her bed and sat down in front of her. Part of him wanted to toss the covers back and fuck her right then and there, but a bigger part of him wanted to see her continue on with her private show. Just, you know, with him involved.

The buzz from underneath the blankets sounded throughout her room and Puck just smirked at the girl sitting in front of him. “Don’t be embarrassed.” (The color of her cheeks and the fact that she gripping the sheets like her life depended on it told him that she wasn’t getting over it on her own any time soon.) “C’mon, it’s not like I didn’t know you had it.” So he was snooping one day, so what. “I wish I could’ve been there when you bought it, but whatever. It’ll be hot.” Slowly, Puck pulled the covers down off of Rachel’s body. (Her body was incredible. There was no reason for her to ever wear clothes around him.) Once he’d pulled them down enough to see her vibrator, he made a grab for it. “Let me see you use it, babe.” He leaned forward and pressed a kiss to her collarbone. “Please?” he asked against her skin. He wasn’t above playing dirty to get what he wanted. He ran his hand up her leg to her inner thigh. He didn’t touch her, but kept his hand there and traced guitar chords with his fingers. She always went crazy when he did that. “I’ll do it with you.”

He trailed his kisses upwards from her collarbone to the spot on her neck that never failed to make her putty in his hands. (Not that he had a hard time doing that anyways.) Taking the vibrator in his free hand, he brought it up to her clit just like she was doing before he’d interrupted her. His hand on her thigh took her left hand and guided it to the toy between her legs. Once she kept her hand on it, Puck stood up next to the bed and took his t-shirt and shorts off. “If you hate it, we’ll stop.” He sat himself at the foot of the bed, across from her. Nudging her legs open with his foot, he grabbed his erection and nodded at Rachel. “You ready, baby? You were thinking about me before anyways. Now I’m here.”

Touch of My Hand


Senior year was stressful. Actually, for Rachel, it was beyond stressful because of all the commitments she had attached herself to early on in the school year. Glee club, all of the other clubs that she truthfully didn’t know the name of (they were just great photo opportunities), trying to get into her dream school. It was a miracle that she even had time for a boyfriend, though she managed to balance that really well. Today, however, was not a day for her to be messed with. She had homework piled high, dance steps to memorize and a song to perfect for her NYADA auditions. There was barely even time to breath.

Despite her busy schedule for the night, she needed to find a way to relax, something to take her mind off of life, even if it was only for a little while. So she thought she would capitalize on an empty house. Putting on some soft music, she went to her bed, stripping of all her clothes before moving to lay in it. It might have been a good idea to invite her boyfriend over because he could definitely assist her in relaxing, but she thought he’d eventually become too distracting. He could relax her all night, and she’d need to return to her work soon. But for now, she was going to do this her self. That didn’t mean her thoughts wouldn’t drift to the boy in question.

She started off slow, two fingers rubbing at her clit which drew a soft sigh out of her. The beauty of doing this with no one there was that she could be as loud as she wanted (well, having a soundproof room assisted in that originally) and didn’t have to worry about any distractions. Today, she wasn’t just going to use her fingers. When she felt that she was ready enough, she leaned over, reaching into her bedside table to pull out a special toy, something she had bought months ago. She clicked it on,  her body shivering as she felt its vibrations. She wasted no time in applying it to her clit, her legs parting even further. This was exactly what she needed.

For the first time since, like, ever, Puck could actually say that he was in a good place in his life. He owed a lot of that to his girlfriend, sure, but it was pretty amazing what giving a shit about the future could do, too. He still skipped math once a week, but he was guaranteed to be there for three out of five days, at least. Not bad, considering his track record pre-Rachel. He wasn’t fucking stupid or anything, he just didn’t see the point in putting all that effort into something he really didn’t care about and really didn’t plan on using. But, hey, his mom stopped bitching and he got laid regularly when he brought home good grades so he guessed school didn’t completely suck like it did before.

What did suck, though? Being stuck at home bored out of his mind. Rachel was probably asleep and he wasn’t desperate enough to call any of his boys. (There was really only one person he wanted to see and that was his girlfriend.) Nothing was on T.V. that he wanted to watch, the only people on Live right now were a bunch of twelve year olds whose idea of fun was to spit out jokes about each other’s moms, and throwing a ball in the hoop over his door could only keep him preoccupied for so long. He tried, really. But nothing was working. He was literally bored out of his fucking mind. The best way to get un-bored was to sneak out and go to his girlfriend’s house, obviously.

Puck didn’t think she’d mind. He’d snuck into her room at night before and surprised her and she was always glad to see him then, so he didn’t see any difference between those nights and this one. So, without bothering to check if it was cool with her, he started his truck and drove off in the direction of her house. Once her street came into view, he parked at the other end of it and walked up to the side of the house underneath her window. He would’ve thrown rocks or something, but he looked shady enough as it was just standing there in the middle of the night. Juvie was not a place he wanted to go to again and if one her neighbors heard him, that’d be exactly where his ass would land. Rocks were a no go. Instead, like he’d done plenty of times before, he found his footing on the tree outside her window (he loved that her dads were so convenient of his sex life) and climbed up the branches until he reached his destination. Only to find his girlfriend in bed. Masturbating. Holy shit, he had great timing. Quietly, he reached out for the window and slid it up (she never listened to him when he complained about her leaving the doors and windows open when she didn’t expect him to come through them) and brought one on his legs over the sill and in the room. The rest of him was soon to follow. “Please, don’t fucking stop on account of me.”

Team Bonding


Three orgasms in the span of sixty minutes should have been grounds for a five minute break for anyone, right? Apparently, not in his eyes. Right now she could have taken a nap, rested a bit. But for some reason, her body just couldn’t say no. She knew what he wanted and yet, even after she had been through, she wanted more. If he wasn’t careful, he was going to turn her into some sort of sex fiend. Then again, in Noah Puckerman’s eyes, that was never a bad thing and could potentially be his goal. Either way, she knew that she was enjoying sex waytoo much and it was a miracle that no one had come in here and asked what they were doing (as if her sounds weren’t obvious enough). Or maybe they were jealous. Either way, as she turned over, she prepared for another eventual orgasm.

At least he was doing all the work. While Rachel could definitely hold her own (maybe not yet in bed, but she would eventually), she quite liked that he was doing everything, showing her all that he had to offer. When it came to pleasure like this, she didn’t mind. While on her stomach she couldn’t see him, which meant his actions were sort of a surprise. She felt when he thrusted into her body again, her walls tightening around him on instinct. The sheets of the bed were bunched around her body and she could feel them brushing against her clit. And if all that stimulation wasn’t enough, he had begun an exploration of her backside that was sending shivers throughout her body. His hands never stayed still, roaming over the expanse of her back, her ass, what he can reach of her thighs. Rachel had never been this exposed with another person, yet it was liberating to let him do whatever he wanted (and to know he liked what he saw).

When he began to nip at her skin, she groaned against the pillow she had grabbed in an attempt to muffle her moans (even with it pressed against her mouth, she was still kind of loud). She could feel his breath on her neck, and she lifted her head to turn her head and meet his mouth in a kiss. It was kind of addicting, kissing him, reminding her of how they had started off with that. Steamy kisses in her childish room, and now they were fucking in hotel rooms. Talk about a transition in a year’s time. Her fourth orgasm was fast approaching and if she were being honest, she didn’t know how much longer she could go after that without some kind of rest. “Please,” she moaned out, breaking away from his lips to look at him as he moved behind her. “Come with me.” Rachel wanted to feel it, feel him as he released inside of her. Realizing that he might have some hesitance (it wasn’t like he had a good record when it came to girls and unprotected sex), she followed up with, “I’m on birth control.” This might have been her first time, but there was no way she wasn’t going to protected should this time come (sooner than she anticipated but she was totally thankful for the decision now).

It was pretty safe to say Puck that wasn’t expecting that. (Rachel being on birth control, yeah, not so surprising, she was prepared for any and everything.) For her to say that, he meant. He wasn’t exactly ready for the night to be over, but, he thought, it was easy enough to get her worked up for him before. He could do it again. And now she knew how good he could make her feel, so those were definitely points in his favor. He’d give her what she wanted. Instead of answering her, he leaned down to kiss her again and scraped along her bottom lip with his teeth. His hands continued to explore her body; he wanted to learn every fucking inch of it.

He was totally about the pleasure of whatever girl he was with. Right now, that girl happened to be Rachel. Sliding his hands underneath her, he cupped her breasts, tweaking her nipples. Her clit was already rubbing against the blankets, which left his hands free to wander all over her. (That was the best part. He loved finding out what made her tick, how she reacted when he gave her a particularly rough thrust.) The way she was positioned let him watch as his cock slid in and out of her, glistening with her juices. Puck couldn’t help but to be smug about causing that. Yeah, he knew how to make his girl soaking fucking wet. (Well, not his girl, but she was the girl that he was currently with.) He skimmed his hands from her chest down to her waist, hands on either side of her, giving him more leverage to go deeper.

He had an orgasm to get to, remember? Honestly, it wasn’t that far off, but he still wasn’t about to just lose his shit. Especially when she hadn’t yet. That was a fucking no can do in his book. He was an ass, sure, but he always got his girl off first. Like now. Rachel’s walls started tightening around him and he felt her get even wetter. She was coming and he was determined to follow. Puck punctuated her moans with hard, quick thrusts. By that time, he was so ready to come he could fucking taste it. A few more thrusts and Rachel’s wet pussy contracting on his cock pushed him over the edge. He let a couple of groans slip out and a grunt of her name before he emptied himself inside her. (Rachel was too anal about her future to lie about something as crucial as birth control. He trusted that she was telling the truth.) He still moved in her, his thrusts slow and steady. Once he was spent, he collapsed on the bed next to her, panting. “You were fucking amazing, babe. I don’t even wanna know where you learned to blow a dude like that.”

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Team Bonding


It hurt. There was no use in lying when her face would betray her words. But it wasn’t the hurt that she was used to; not painful. It was her body stretching to something it had never felt before. Having him kiss her skin in an attempt to calm her down was surprisingly helpful, mostly because this was him. Rachel didn’t know he had it in him. “Just give me a minute.” Her legs loosened their grip on his waist as she tried to get her body to adjust faster. She didn’t want to be that girl; the one who couldn’t even have sex because their body seemingly betrayed them. Rachel didn’t think she would - she just needed a minute - but she feared that she would.

When she felt his lips near her mouth, she turned her head to capture them in a passionate kiss. The more she got into it, the more she felt her body relaxing. In fact, she didn’t even realize that she was beginning to move eneath him until she heard him groan against her lips. Pulling back, she realized what she had been doing and met his eyes. “I’m ready.” As if he didn’t already know, but she thought it worth worth saying. Her legs re-tightened around his waist as she felt him pull back only to thrust back into her. This was going to be amazing.

Once he picked up the pace, there was no way that Rachel could be quiet, even if she tried. Her moans were pretty loud when he ate her out against the door, but that was nothing in compared to what she was emitting now. His cock, while big, fit almost perfectly, seemingly reaching all the spots inside of her, ones she didn’t even know she had. His pace was quick, deep shallow thrusts before he pulled out almost entirely to do the same thing over and over again. “Oh my God,” she moaned out, her hands trailing down his back, leaving scratch marks against his skin. “You…so….amazing.” Her inability to create full sentences spoke volumes in how she was feeling right now; and she could only hope this continued on all night long.

Rachel Berry having trouble with words? That just didn’t happen. Like, ever. Except, apparently, when he was involved. “I know,” he informed her, a smug look on his face. He swirled his hips and chuckled at the moan she let out. Why did he not go for this before today? He was at a loss; if he knew things with her would’ve been this good, Puck never would’ve let her walk away from him on the bleachers. He was an idiot that day, but he was obviously more than making up for it now if the scratch marks that were sure to be on his back and the girl underneath him moaning loud enough to wake the whole hall meant anything. (They did. They meant a lot.) He was just getting started, though. They had a whole fucking night to, well, fuck.

He took things a step further by propping Rachel’s right leg up on his shoulder again. The new angle let him slide in even deeper than he was before and had the head of his cock hitting the spot that drove her crazy and made her come both times around his fingers. Honestly, Puck thought she felt good around his fingers but there was no fucking comparison to being buried completely inside her. He let out a few grunts of his own, though, most of the noises were coming from her. Turned out her quietness in the restaurant was just a fluke. The only other sound was their skin slapping together, his balls coated in her wetness. She lucky this was him right now in bed with her, because, no doubt, any other guy would’ve blown their load already. He was pretty confident in stating that he was the best she’d ever have.

He wrapped his lips around her nipple, tugging with his teeth and released her with a wet popping noise. She was close, he could tell. Her moans were higher pitched and her already tight pussy clenched around him. Puck didn’t slow his movements down. Instead, he thumbed her clit and lightly tapped the nub to get her to come. He stopped for a second and let the waves of her orgasm crash over her, silently memorizing everything about the moment – the way her face looked when she came, the noises she made, how her back arched clean off the bed, how it felt to be inside her. He’d been keeping his own orgasm at bay, and that definitely pushed him towards it, but he could handle his shit and reeled it back in almost immediately. He wasn’t anywhere near done with her. “Rachel.” She cracked one of her eyes open and he laughed at her. He cupped her lower back, right over her ass, and pressed his hand into her until he’d guided her over onto her stomach. (Damn, she had a nice ass.) Behind her, he directed his cock into her pussy once again.

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Team Bonding


If there was one word to describe his cock, Rachel kept it simple: big. It turned out that all his bragging - and the boasting of the female population of McKinley - hadn’t been lying. He was very well-endowed and it only made her slightly apprehensive of what was to come. But now wasn’t the time to worry just yet. She was still too sensitive to even think about sex, but that didn’t mean things had to stop until she was. While she had never done anything with a boy like this before, she had read enough Internet articles and magazines to know what she could do. Suddenly, the comment Miss Pillsbury had told her at the beginning of the year about gag reflexes made sense.

“You’re…wow.” Blushing because that was so not hot, Rachel merely looked down, watching as her hand moved up and down his length. She was curious to see how certain things affected him. Squeezing just below where his head started caused liquid to leak out; she liked how his breath hitched when her hand travelled a bit lower towards his balls. Deciding that her hands were no longer enough, she let him go, only to put his hands on his shoulders. “I want to try something,” was all she said as she motioned for him to step out of his pants so he didn’t fall. The last thing she needed was a casualty to happen in her bedroom while the two were stark naked. When he did so, she pushed on his shoulders, walking him backward until the back of his knees hit the bed. “Sit.” She couldn’t help but smirk when he obliged.

Hesitating for just a moment, she lowered herself to her knees. “Please don’t take my current position as anything less than getting comfortable for what I’m about to do,” she explained, hating the connotations that came with women getting on their knees. She had read those articles too. With one final serious look, she again turned her eyes to his cock. If she were honest, it really was a beautiful one, if penises could be such a thing. Rachel found herself wanting to trash her tongue over every inch of it, tracing that one thick vein that ran up the length of it. But she held back, taking his base again to slowly stroke him. She wanted to taste him first. Tentatively she brought her head to the tip, tongue poking out as she brushed it along the slit. She took a moment to consider the taste before deciding that she quite liked it. Without wasting another moment, she wrapped her lips around his cockhead, tongue swirling all over in attempt to get as much of his precum as she could (maybe he wasn’t the only one with an addiction to a certain taste). When she was certain that she had gotten everything for the moment, she began to work on phase two. Slowly she began to insert him further into her mouth, section by section to allow her jaw to accommodate him. But, eventually, she did it; his entire cock fit in her mouth, lips resting just where his balls began. It was actually quite arousing to do this, and from the sounds he was making, she knew he was enjoying it too. When she needed to breath she pulled away, a trail of saliva mixed with his cum connecting the two. Looking up at him, she actually smiled. “Did I tell you I didn’t have a gag reflex?”

No. No, he didn’t know. And he was the kinda guy that knew those kinds of things. This was important fucking information. Rachel Berry didn’t have a gag reflex and she had his dick in her mouth. Awesome. “Must’ve slipped your mind.” Puck’s head rolled backwards, Rachel’s actions tearing a groan from somewhere low in his throat. He stared in awe as Rachel took his whole cock into her mouth. She’d already beat like, almost every girl he’d been with. Seriously. She had a talent, there. “Fuck,” he groaned, grabbing her hair and rotating his hips in her mouth. (Now that he knew she could take it there was no holding back on his part.) Rachel Berry swallowing his cock was definitely the best part of this trip.

He fisted her hair in his hands and watched her watching him while she sucked him off. Who knew she had it in her? He gave her hair a rough tug (she had super soft hair that was really thick and felt great between his fingertips) and gently pulled her off his cock. Her blowjob was incredible, just a little too incredible. “You’re amazing,” Puck complimented. He pulled Rachel to her feet (no, he didn’t think any less of her for being on her knees; but he did think she could suck his dick any time she felt like it – he hoped it was often) and backed her up on the bed. “Hey,” he told her, hovering over her, “you didn’t do anything wrong, alright?” He didn’t need her clamming up and getting all self-conscious on him now. “You did everything fucking right, actually.” His cock pressed against her inner thigh and he could feel how wet she was and he was so fucking close to being inside her.

Without hesitation, Puck lined the tip of his cock up with Rachel’s entrance. He fisted his length and ran the head through her folds, gathering as much natural lubricant as possible. He spread her wetness around his erection and again, poised his cock to enter her. Knowing how tight her pussy felt around his fingers she had reason to be a little apprehensive, but he was anything but a newbie. He pressed the tip in first, stretching her out little by little. He made a few shallow thrusts until Rachel’s legs wrapped around his waist and pulled him in a little bit more. Well, that was his green light. He sheathed himself fully inside her in one fell swoop. God. She was tight around his fingers but felt even better on his cock. His jaw clenched from the sheer pleasure of being inside her. “Baby?” He pressed kisses all around her neck and jaw to distract her. Slowly, he rolled his hips so she could get adjusted to the girth and length of him being inside her. “You okay?”

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